UK Council TAX Scandal corruption summons

Council TAX practice worst than the bankers.

Hello my good readers and welcome to another blog post on a serious note regarding council TAX in the UK. The scandalous scheming cons and how a agreement passed in 1992 by the previous conservative government has come back to attack the poor.

We all know how annoying and painstaking it can be trying to communicate and resolve issues with the council TAX departments across the UK or should we call them local criminals.

Interestingly here is the 1992 legislation for council TAX enforcement that we will refer to bellow:

Council Tax (Administration and Enforcement) Regulations 1992, particularly Regulations 33 to 35.

Now you may think the above is all in order and perfectly fine, we all have to pay the TAX blabla blaaa. Yes i agree and yes we do as council TAX pays for the police force, Fire service, refuse and street cleaning as well as the salt gritters, pedestrianized repair/development drainage etc. Weather you like it or not we all need and enjoy these services that it provides so we pay for it.

The problem begins when local councils begin to pervert the above regulation sections 33 and 35. Just when you thought it was all fine to have such a regulation it gets perverted out of all control and in today’s day 20 years since it was made this perverted legislation busts out into the open for some to see, hopefully now everyone can see it.

It is fair to say that the legislation (if you have not read it already) states that on two defaults meaning you fail to pay your council TAX not once but twice you will be summoned to court to be challenged as to why you failed to pay your council TAX not once but twice, fair comment so far would you not say.

Summons costs at present are £62.50 and for a low income person/families this is allot of money, if there circumstances are difficult there council TAX alone is hard to pay. Hitting them with another £62.50 summons cost is really not the way to go for starters. It makes me laugh when the government criticize bankers for there bonuses and or bank charges and then they them selves are guilty beyond all question of a doubt of the same criminal activity.

Now the argument against this is that people who default and do not(maybe they refuse to pay) there council TAX must be summoned and it is the cost of the court for which the £62.50 is for. Because the council TAX enforcement is actually run by public money (Council TAX oh yea your money is not just for fire service and so on but also to pay for the collection and accountant staff on stupidly high wages that we could do without or at least cut the cost to).  The summons cost is to be paid by the person(s) not paying there council TAX. I am sure many readers are saying tuff tits at the screen right now regarding this but remember if someone is having difficulty paying there council TAX due to low income or whatever, is it fair to hit them with a higher bill.

If you think the above is fair or unfair you have not heard the worst of it yet so read on.

Now that we know how the enforcement for council TAX works as well as how much it costs in 2012 for a summons we can begin to venture into the real scandal and how the above that seems legitimate is in reality perverted and corrupted by local authorities. This is not a joking matter, its our money, its our lives and our well being that’s been affected here not to mention the well being of our children.

To put this into perspective this is how the current enforcement works:

Unbeknown to you, your paying your council tax. Weather you move job, loose your job or a change in circumstances as they(Council TAX oficials) put it you will see a bill come through your door for the outstanding amount, if this actually arrives that is. Ok all good so far, next to arrive is a payment plan of installments to pay your council TAX now this seems all ok and fair still.  If you pay the outstanding balance all in one then your good to go they wont bother you anymore but for those that don’t have hundreds and thousands in there back pocket they need to pay by installment so it be the second option.

Not so fast on thinking that’s all ok as here is the real deal people. The first letter(bill) you get is actually your FIRST warning, the payment plan you get to pay in installment (you guessed it) is your SECOND warning. Now they never told you that did they and they been getting away with this scandalous behavior to rip an extra £62.50 out of the low income household for 20 years +. The problem arises when they set payment dates such as the 1st of every month so let us say you get paid on the 28th of the month you go and pay on the 1st yay urm no, Conned again! Although you are waiting for your pay to clear and you pay on the first they come out the woodwork and hit you with £62.50. Why because it takes 3 days to clear your payment from the day you pay it at the post office or card whatever takes 3 days to enter there bank account. CASH payments are NOT accepted anymore at the council so you have to pay 3 days in advance of the date on the letter.  This means your screwed in every way you look at it.

Let us recite a little here. The two warnings are for those that are not willing to pay there council TAX as to enforce TAX dodgers. If you are paying your council TAX on installments your getting hit with a non paying council TAX enforcement summons. Your being ripped off, there is no such thing as a payment plan for the low income. They have taken something that was put in place to be a humane way of enforcing council TAX then perverted it so that you have no choice but to pay in full or be summoned.

It gets even worst. When someone says “ok so you summoned me to court, I shall appear before the magistrates and put this case to the judge as i find this a disgusting unfair treatment” fair comment here i think yes?

The council officer refuses you entry to the court room! Say what! Yes the Council court representative will not allow you to enter the court room to put your case forward to the judge, they wont refund you the £62.50 because its public money that would have to pay for the court cost and its all ok for them to spend your money that you have not got to a court for you. There laughing all the way to the bank, does the Council enforcement officer get a percentage cut out of your £62.50. Is that there bonuses.

It does not stop here. It gets even worst, bearing in mind you have paid your council TAX and you owe no more council TAX they can further charge an additional cost to recover the £62.50 with bailiffs, on refusing them entry (which you have the right to do) they must go back to court all costing the TAX payer and obtain a warrant to claim items to the value of. If that was not bad enough you now have the summons cost plus the first visit cost plus the warrant court order plus the second visit cost and if items do not cover it then further action can be taken to put you in prison.

Overcoming the corruption

Unfortunately they have led us to believe there is not very much we can do on this front. I am searching high and low for all kinds of information, legislation, laws and so on regarding a way to protect our selves against this disgusting stupidity of corrupt local councils.

If anyone has any information at all or any help in regard to this please please get in contact so the knowledge can be shared as to assist the millions of people suffering because of such scandals. It really is the biggest con and hustle the world over has ever seen and it is time to put a stop to it once and for all.

As with everything in the world Time is Money, i am a firm believer in charging for your time effort and hard work no matter what it costs. Because time can never be reclaimed it is priceless so your charges per hour are as high as you wish to charge them.

Make up a billing letter of your own. I propose that a persons time is worth x amount of money and i will charge x for my time and effort in regard to the matter.

Make up a table or look on-line for a quotation template, fill it in with all your details and how much you charge for each service. If you have to appear in court then you would charge x amount per hour for appearing in court, include your travel costs Admin costs, stationary costs, charge for every and each correspondence they ask for. If you are asked to do anything by another individual then they must agree to your charges if they wish for you to do it.

Of course one thing to make sure is you charge enough as so to cover what they are asking you for.

Make sure you follow the additional steps listed bellow, all chargeable if asked to do something further:
  1. Follow there complaints procedure and exhaust it completely to the point nothing further can be done to resolve the situation.
  2. File the complaint that had not been resolved by the local authority to the local government ombudsmen along with the complaint response correspondence you got from the above complaint procedure.
  3. File the further complaint if both the above failed to the government ombudsmen with all the above correspondence and so on. Find further information on this here. Dont forget to google search too
  4. Invoice the council for all your time, charges etc. Do everything possible to get paid and then pay of there charges. Take the excess money you have earned from the above and give it to charity or a random homeless person on the street. At least by him a bottle of booze with some of it, share it out etc. Now that’s public money well spent lol just kidding.
  5. Further note to this would be to also contact your elected constituent and keep mailing them all the outcomes, concerns complaints views you have crucial improvements and actions your taking as when corruption like this happens it really does no good for there image or respectability.

If anyone on the web wherever has any information that can help the millions here please share it.

  • Proven scandalous corrupt council offices at present are:
  1. Charnwood Borough Council based in southfields, loughborough, leicestershire. Constituent elected official Nicky Morgan

If you have any others you know of please comment them bellow i can research them and add to the list.


Some food for thought, resolution to parliament maybe.

Its fair comment to say that those on low income need and rely on a payment plan to clear arrears. There is nothing wrong with that but if they are setup on a plan for which arrears are to be cleared by the 1st of march for that TAX year and then only then if council TAX is still remaining they are to be summoned and charged, certainly NOT before the date, that is very immoral. The current local authorities failed system is happening all to often to people and is clearly not a practical or successful solution. If they want arrears cleared sooner they should set the final payment date sooner, NOT allow for these stupid games they play to be allowed.

Put simply your council TAX is to be zero(0) by the 1st of march or you will be summoned.

That’s not hard to do now is it. Mind you we are talking about career politicians here that have never had a real job before in there life. It might be a little too much to ask, they actually have to use there brain.

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