eBay returns scandal.

Just when you thought it could not get any worst.


For the past few years sellers of the eBay website have been under attack from all kinds of people including eBay themselves.

Just simply scanning across the web can reveal serious problems for sellers. That said the sellers in particular are not large companies or shops on eBay that are having the issue but it is the small independent person who is just selling his old stuff to convert into cash. I am sure for those that remember time of eBay starting up that eBay actually made it’s name because it allowed for a sort of on-line car-boot sale as such.

So what is going on with the eBay seller attacks from certain persons?

Ebay offers massive amounts of great products at great prices but the term to big to fail is not true for this company. eBay relies totally on items to be sold by individuals, the majority of the reasons for selling on eBay is because they are tight up for money and want to turn that item sitting doing nothing in the cupboard into cash. eBay has done very well from this.

Considering that a two way sale of an item can be rather challenging at times in that the seller could lie or the buyer could take advantage, whatever the case maybe there is usually a moral agreement on what is sold, what can be returned and return policy. If someone sells an item sold as seen it particularly means whatever the case maybe you buy at your own risk. Not according to eBay, they seem to provide a return policy regardless of what you mention in your own terms or even the laws regarding the sale of products in another country. Furthermore if a 14 day return policy is given and someone tries to return it outside of the 14 days eBay ignores it and favors the buyer.

Countless situations across the web of sellers selling their items only to have them returned in much worst condition, devalued, broken and out of pocket. So is rushing to the eBay website really the way to go in todays webplace? Probably not.

Recently i had an incident with a personal hygiene item. You know like sanitary towels, condoms, toilet paper, hair removal wax, soap etc.

14 day return policy dead on arrival. That means if the postal service damage the item then we can look into returning and placing a insurance claim or if the seller had lied about the item then it will be returned. What iff though after 14 days? What if after 14 days and the item has been used for several weeks and is a personal hygiene item. You would have thought returning used sanitary towels would just be a NO NO or returning a Tampon applicator, just wrong don’t you think?

So is eBay on your side? the answer is no. Recently eBay favored the buyer of a personal hygiene item which was not faulty and had been used for more than 3 weeks, well over it’s 14 day return period and certainly was not in the same condition it was sold in.

In the UK the sale of the item is final, no return policy is offered in law other than that if any offered by the seller or the seller has cheated you out of your money(lied about the item in some way). Items returnable are always and must be in the same condition they were received in as well as within 14 days. Warranty is different issue, this is granted by the manufacturer if the item becomes faulty later on down the line.

So when someone wishes to return a sanitary towel 3 weeks after they have used it, should the seller accept the return and offer a full refund? NO certainly not but eBay seems to think so overpowering law, policy, terms and conditions even going as far as refunding the buyer for you then claiming the cost back from the seller.

This clearly points out a fact that eBay is not a fair trading place.

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