WooHoo Google android ADK arduino based microcontroller

WOW is my first words and bring it on.

Google have opened up a new innovation platform for C++ programmers and engineers alike with a great new idea to connect USB accessories and the likes to there android devices.

ARM7 type Microcontrolers which are generally programed to do all sorts of things such as control LCD displays, fan controllers, USB memory controllers and so on can now be made and pluged into a android device extending the devices capabilities.

Why would anyone want to do this? Well let your imagination run wild. As an engineer this opens up my vocabulary in so many ways. Imagine accessories to control your cars engine management system, engine start/stop, radio scanners, transmitters for HAM radio, the list goes on.

Most microcontrollers are programed in Assembly language but MicroChip have made a C++ language IDE that can program modern microcontrolers. This really is a great new mobile platform innovation that really steps up the mark for innovators world wide.

Check out the full article here by Electronics News

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