My passion for technology.

Technology is also one of my greatest passions and favorite categories on my blog. Weather it be hardware or software hacking or security i just love it.

You will find that throughout my blog i talk about the niggles and annoyances in the tech world. The marketing spiel that all companies, organizations give out is nothing more than bull crap to me.

Other than a middle finger degree i have a degree in Electronics, Engineering and further qualifications in computer science. Although my looks are deceiving to most(I am not the most handsome guy on the planet) I do deliver. Most tech guys wind me up as they talk about API developments and working on existing platforms, this infuriates me as innovation starts on a blank page. This is highly contrary to belief as they say innovation is a development of something that already exists.

This is of course true, but it is not the only way to innovate, hence innovation from scratch(the blank page). As i am sure you can tell I personally hate API development. The concept of someone else’s mind placed in front of you to make better. This is a great great way to innovate on an existing platform i agree but when we go real deep into things its brilliance comes from having that full control of the blank page.

Hopefully the above should allow you to understand the difference between an Open Source FREE software API and a closed source proprietary software API. In brief building on a FREE open source API means you have unrestricted access to the API you develop and innovate on.

In 2006 i was trying to reverse engineer my ATI FireGL graphics card not because i wanted to steel technology, copy or even expose ATI for some unknown false advertising but to get it working with The damn stupid driver would not work properly so i set out to try and fix it. This meant that the API the driver was built on allowed me to venture deep into the source and find out what was failing. From a development point of view we could go that deep into the code as to change modify and even innovate the software from the inside out. In fact the real problem was ATI’s version check junk. In many cases there was nothing wrong and i mean nothing at all wrong with the API it was to run on. There driver had an inbuilt version checker that refused to load into kernel space unless these super tight conditions were met.

Because the driver is closed source not many people could see this and those that did, did not and could not do anything about it, we called it ATI junk and still do now and again. Either way someone had to give. ATI pushed the and Kernel to change there version system and vice verse pushing the other way. With ATI clearly to loose more money compared to the FREE software guess who finally budged on there silly version system. It works allot better today, code is cleaner, drivers are still closed source but much more compatible and, AND cleaner code(not as clean as we would like but hey).

A true story of the problems of closed source. Lets take the example that both driver kernel and API are closed source. Does one dare imagine what he or she could do as a developer now… Where is your Innovation to be had now? oh yes on a dictated API that is only possible if it is working.

It is so exciting that you yes you sitting at home, in your bedroom, in your dinner, on a laptop naked on tho bed/sofa(you get the picture) can dip in to the FREE software API and make a change that could revolutionize the whole graphics API to a whole new level. That is a quite subtle reality of unlimited, unmeetered unrestricted ability to Innovate and its not fueled by money in any way.

NOTE: I think tech skills today are like a superstars wovie or musicians skills in that one can be admired or be famous by there innovative genius intellect. Women and men alike find intelligence quite a thrilling turn on.

Why should you give your innovative ideas away to Micro$oft so that they can build it into there OS make billions and never pay you a penny or even say to anyone who actually came up with the idea. When was the last time Micro$oft actually said oh Jo Blogs thought up of this start bar lol. Where is there copyright protection there aye but there very quick to take you to the slaughter house when you do it.

Innovating on a closed source platform in the 21st century is a bad idea. This page is turning into more of a blog post than a page description on my technology posts. So i shall get back on track i may even edit out some stuff and turn the above into a blog post.

The point i a making here is that my technology posts are unbiased and clear to revolve around honest true freedom of use and or innovation.

Food for thought:

Running software programs on your hardware costs you not only the initial cost for the computer but the electricity to make the chips work.
Think about it the work your processor is doing costs you money in its running so you should make sure that what is running through that computer is what you are willing to pay your electricity companies energy for.
Malware, Viruses, Windows Updates, Advertisements, unvisited web pages are steeling money from you just by using your charged electrons energy that you are paying for to run your computer.


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