Post reply to conservative party freedom bill

Its a great bill the issues raised with DNA database removal for innocent people and so on but it does hinder the real issues. We don’t want the Euro, we don’t want to be European 75%++ of British people just like me don’t want to be Euro. We …Dont want 20% VAT nor do we want GM Foods due to the EU forcing us to increase our productivity to a stupendous rate. I really feel strong we should fight to keep our local community. Freedom bill you say, What about this Tesco capitalization which is destroying our local communities, running out our local butcher and grocers. Importing dangerous non authoritative food products that are killing our British farming that we fought for years to make sure was the best quality and it is. There are farms with empty pig pens and there saying we need GM foods to sustain this phantom supply.

Your insane, If Tesco and other supermarkets take over we will be forced into whatever food supply they wish to give us. Never let anyone control a populations food supply. There is allot of issues here and this idea to tax us for kg of our rubbish is even more insane I can hardly afford to buy food. This 20% vat is not bothering supermarkets its fuelling them but its hitting our local community shops hard it really is not a clever move so its clear the bill we pay daily to criminal Brussels needs to stop its killing the UK. Annihilation is the word and yes its that strong so lets look at this freedom bill now with that in mind and, oh great were still screwed then.See more

GM in Europe

• Only two GM crops can be legally grown in the EU: a GM maize strain (MON 810) was authorised for commercial cultivation in 1998 and a GM starch potato known as Amflora was authorised for cultivation and industrial processing in March 2010.

• More than 20 other requests for authorisation of GMO cultivation, or for their renewal, are ongoing.

• Austria, Hungary, France, Germany, Greece and Luxembourg have prohibited the cultivation of the GM maize MON 810 in their territories.

• In addition, Austria, Luxembourg and Hungary have notified the European Commission of their decision to prohibit the cultivation of the Amflora potato. Poland has legislation in place forbidding the marketing of all GM seeds.

• Spanish farmers grow around 80,000ha (198,000 acres) of GM maize.

To most the above may not seem alarming but in the UK and to the population of the UK it should be.

Over the past few years Tesco has increasingly grown as a UK supermarket and is the global number 1 yet my concerns have turned to serious problems. In a general shoping day i decided to read contents of the food which in the UK ingrediants are law and must be placed on the packaging. Much to my horror i was reading sausages with ingredients that should never belong in chocolate not alone sausages. The further i looked the worst it became.

As i am sure you can tell i stopped shopping at tesco and decided to look into sainsburys doors. Luckily sainsburys products seemed more normal with sausages containing 98% pork bread crumbs preservatives such as sodium metabisulfate a harmless steralisation agent and NO yes NO E numbers.

On recent times weight gain and healt problems in general has increased in the UK and on further inspection it would seem GM foods are not completely banned. Of course second grade pet foods are used in fast food outlets like McDonalds and so on as we know. In fact i dont even think that food is suitable for pets not alone humans.

Much to my suprise aswell maize strain has been used for quite a while yet what concerns me the most is GM potatos. GMfoods are experimental and have very very little known facts apart from one they are harmful yes they are they cause problems with diet, increase cancer risks, modification of DNA possibly even death. It has proven before that death can occur from these types of GM foods.

Hopefully by now you should be as I am concerned as to legalising GM potatos. please reserch into this further. Education is the key to your survival against this. If you know about it you wont buy it and there will be no need to make it.

Go natural stay healthy and most of all be happy.