Reply to Nick Clegg regarding Phone hacking

Hi Nick

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to respond to this scandal. Yes I
do consider it a scandal and way out of order.

I have been a specialist in the field of electronics security hacking
and computers of all kinds for many years now. There is not much I don’t
know or can not do.

For years the system has been the same, only those such as the BBC or
Mr Murdoch’s corporate capitalism have secured. The public network is
wide open in fact so far so that not only can corporations do this but
any 5 year old who can use a screwdriver.

There is a law and that states prison penalties for interfering with a
public network weather it wireless or land line. A common trick in the
hacking times was to make sure all components used were BABT certified
this allows connection of any circuit you make to be allowed onto the
network phone or whatever. This BABT certificate insures no
interference so it just made hacking legal lol.
Saying that then comes the data protection act which is a point of
unlawfully gaining information digitally or analogue that does not
belong to you. I know this fully states digital data but as for
specifically analogue voice calls well that’s something else.

I really do think the Data Protection Act for peoples privacy who ever
they are is updated. A service provider such as BT or even Virgin
media, NTL, Diamond Cable and the likes must be held responsible for
these insecurities of there users or customers privacy. Penalties must
be high and not imposed on those particularly who commit the crime.
More punishment must be placed on the providers, why? because if this
is so the providers such as BT and so on would have to invest in
security measures to protect the public not pass it on to the person
committing the crime. Cure the problem not the symptom.

If you are told securing this is not possible then you need to reject
that claim. I have been in this industry for years and if only a few
steps and investment (penny’s in all respect) was taken the problem
would be solved. This applies for digital as well as analogue in fact
in today digital networks it is so simple to secure its a joke. its
cost is man hours in days maybe weeks not months. Yes I am talking
about a random encryption key form. This allows each call to generate a
LARGE random key that is unique to that call and that call alone only
those that made the call can hear each other its used wide spread in
email and VOIP which virtually all networks use now.

The above works well for land lines or corded systems, the next area to
overcome is wireless. WIMAX is the biggest pitfall this was hacked in 3
weeks since O2 and Vodafone implemented the system its a joke really
is. They pulled of a wide open cellular to WIMAX an unencrypted
Ethernet network that suffers from 20 year old hackings of which are
impossible at present to secure. Unless the above encryption method is
to be wide spread as a must in the system.

I can not stress enough that the companies delivering these services
must Must be held accountable for this so that they will do something
about it otherwise they will implore NMP(Not my problem) attitude well
know in business. Yes people may also have to purchase new telephone
equipment that meets a new standard to encrypt the line right from the
handset, a new BABT certification would it be. one that actually
focusses on security rather than interference to there unsecured

The system could be staggered as to allow the user to use secure call
handsets in comparison to insecure. The network must make sure its
encrypted once the signal hits there systems. This means the only way
to intervene the call would be to pin the wire.
Pin the wire is a technique known as sticking a pin in the cable to
make contact with the conductor allowing you to listen to the traffic
passing over it unencrypted data and audio.

If you got this far I have to say well done and thank you for reading,
there is one more serious issue. Somewhat an issue you will be very
familiar with.

The internet traffic filtering, as you jump back saying “here we go” a
crucial problem faced by encrypted networks is you cant filter it. You
don’t have any idea what is passing between sources as its encrypted
unless you have the master key. Random keys may become a problem unless
they pull it up know the pass phrase and are able to decrypt the data.
Who can be trusted to do this the network companies or would you make
it legal to brute force (crack) the pass key. who makes the pass key
the customer, well they best be able to means the user takes
responsibility for there privacy in a user friendly way so that the
corporations can meet there security responsibility.

Either way virgin media don’t like me encrypting my emails they
sometimes never reach there destination lol. That’s a clear indication
of conflicting interests there.

Simply you need to cure the problem not the symptoms This account just
proves there is a huge problem with peoples privacy. Could it be that
he is manipulating you to take action so that he can take more control
by making things more controlled in the media industry. Maybe just
maybe. Careful consideration needs to be taken on how media the key
word here ‘media’ is and must be kept free from capitalisation and god
forbid monopolised. We should be able to share our media how we
want and free from constraint something that is a growing problem right
now and Mr Murdoch I am sure has something of an influence. They must
not have the right or power to influence peoples choices as to what
music or programs they wish to watch or listen to.

Social Engineering must be made illegal or disallowed. A good point
from the presence of the EU were part of would be to make sure right
across Europe that manipulation and social engineering is to be made
illegal with high punishments in media or person to person.

Thanks for reading this sorry it was long but I have allot of views in
this field many of which are from experience. If you have any further
questions at all please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you again.

Kind Regards