Scandals, cons and hustles

ScandalS, ConS and HustleS

My favorite category, be warned and watch out.

Scandals are one of my most favorite subjects as well as one of the most important new categories of my Blog. One of the most craziest subjects and certainly one of the subjects that cause us the average Jo the most suffering.

The most annoying thing of it all is that they probably have a book listing fiddles.

Throughout my blog under this category i list all sorts of scandals that we know of. The idea is to expose them and make you aware of the tactics superpowers use to con and legally steel your money. Could steeling actually be legal well of course it can! There rules that they keep shoaving down your neck contrary to belief are to be accountable for only in a court of law. In fact when they try and force you into something there doing it on the idea you will give in and not defend yourself.

By defending yourself this makes them accountable for there actions, always question it. In fact question it so much that it becomes funny. Scaremonger’s are one of there biggest weapons, they will try and make you feel so demoralized and scared so much so you will just part with your hard earned cash to shut them up or get rid of them.

If you feel like parting with your cash because of this then why not put the cash your to part with to good use and pay a hit-man to shoot them for making you feel like that. I am serious, what gives anyone the right to scare you, demoralize you, belittle you and generally make you feel worthless and depressed.

So if you must part with your cash then put it to good use and hire a hit-man, shoot the local superpower, get there names, build that shit list of  those making your life misery. If you owe the debt well you should not have borrowed money or taken the goods or service without paying in full.

The f1r31c3r rule number 1DO NOT BORROW MONEY. Simple rule and if you do make 100% certain you can pay it back the day after you borrowed it and the contract does not specify any additional fees. Generally the best rule is to NEVER borrow money from anyone or anything(organizations).

Remember cons and hustles, Once you parted with your cash… you will never and i mean never get it back so think of parting with you’re cash as signing an agreement, contract or mortgage loan. You will sure soon realize that possession is 9/10-th’s of the law.

 The f1r31c3r rule number 2

Keep your wallet in your pocket and graduate in a middle finger degree.

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