Response to windows users migrating to Linux

A Interesting subject came up on Nixie Pixels facebook status the other day so i thought i would respond. Interesting issues about how to get windows users to migrate to Linux.

This was my response:

wow interesting thread/comments. I don’t think linux is about pulling people over from windows. Nor do i think it is in competition with windows. OpenSource is clearly the future and has been a massive infrastructure built over the past 20 years its not a windows comparison nor do i think windows users should migrate to Linux. Windows users become windows users NOT by choice but by “its what’s on the system when you buy it” if Linux was on the system when they buy it, well it has been and customers response is “its shit” they prefer windows. maybe because the colours that come as standard look and feel more comfortable it has nothing to do with functionality. Its all that neat crisp look. Artists will know what i am talking about. Most linux distros ‘out of the box look’ is just not as comfortable to work with. Requires the user to change it and i am not saying that windows users don’t get sick of there desktop 6 months down the line because they do, this is also proven. If your serious about computing, understanding how it works, tinkering then Gentoo is the only way and no other. Many people like tinkering or building there own PC’s so why would they not want to continue tinkering with software. Answer is: they cant be bothered, its to complicated, gives them a headache, takes too long before they can play a computer game, ignorance really. plugging a computer together today is easy, a ignorants job, it was not years ago might i add hence windows users prefer ignorance so how and why would they use linux? Its fair to say us Linux users can enjoy power, performance, real computing power (HPC) and more with the ability to develop, build and share a better digital world without the ignorant lazy windows community. OpenSource is the future for the computer digital mastermind of every single computer task known and its NOT commercial so remember your intelligence for choosing Linux because OpenSource Matters.

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