Piracy enforcement violating freedom ACTA/SOPA/PIPA

Piracy enforcement on a computer violates our freedom

This is such a simple concept to understand yet not even the huge brains in government can actually grasp this concept. Maybe there just as much brainwashed as everyone else.

Well sit back read and get ready to have your mind unlocked, set free in the understanding of true freedom in this concept.

I recently watched a video on youtube of an interview with Richard Stallman. Now the Two Muppet’s interviewing Richard placed some great arguments but because there minds could not grasp this concept they failed miserably to answer any further questions and became argumentatively stuck on a simple concept. It may have had something to do with there simple thinking narrow mind built on the current financial money machine.

Remember were talking about freedom NOT making money…

Here is the video first its a long video but you can skip it and read on then come back to it if you wish ill keep the concept running without the need to watch the video.

So the problem comes about when we think about how to actually understand why enforcing piracy actually violates our freedom. Here are a few models to set the stage of thought.

You buy a book from your favorite book store, hard copy of course. You read it and find the book amazing at which point you decide your best friend would also find this book amazing.

What do you do? Well i am sure at this moment your thinking well you would

  • lend it to him,
  • advise him to buy the book,
  • give him your copy as you finished with it
  • sell the book for half the price

Either of these options are your available choices you are FREE to choose and do. Whatever anyone says, weather it violates a law is total CRAP you have the freedom to do this. Why because you can. If you don’t understand this then read on and hopefully you will grasp the concept.

We now have a Ebook, the digital version of the hard copy. You read it and find it awesome you then decide your best friend would also find this Ebook amazing.

  • You could suggest he go and buy the Ebook,
  • give him your Ebook(the original not a copy),
  • sell him your Ebook(original again no copies),
  • lend him your Ebook(original not copy still),
  • Give him a copy keep original(now you clone the file),
  • lend him a copy keep original(as if he would give back a copy),
  • sell you a copy keep original(point of being illegal at present as your making UN-deserved profits)

So all that is fine and most are probably saying illegal at the point he copied it NO its illegal at the point he sold it and kept the original but that should never restrict you. At no point should anything or anyone be allowed to stop you from making that copy, particularly software.

The medium it is on allows you to lend, borrow, sell, copy the item, you yes you have the ability to do that. By restricting you from copying the file is violating your freedom right there alone. The FACT is that your freedom allows you to do anything that means ANYTHING that is physically possible in the world. I don’t mean within the constraints of law either i mean within the constraints of physics(the universe).

The hardware allows you to copy it so you should be able to exercise your freedom and copy it, even if you had to make your own software to do it. If you copy it for illegal purposes well that’s another mater but your freedom was not affected because you actually were able to use the hardware as it was intended without constraint.

If you are making profit from someone else’s hard work then you should be fairly treated. Treated as in if you made 150K because you listed free downloads of the above ebook then that 150K weather you have spent it or not is then paid directly to the original individual of the work. You never written the book so why should you deserve the profits for the writers hard work. Notice i said the Writers hard work using the word individual that means the original individual that written the book not the publisher, not the printers, not the server owner from where the original came from but the individual that wrote the book. The author.

My websites and all its content is written by me, i punch it in letter by letter through my keyboard. It belongs to me and no one else has the right to make any financial gain from my work whatever it may be.

On the other hand you have the right and freedom to copy anything because the technology available or built by you allows you to, if you have the brains to devise a way in which you can copy the data or hard copy well use it and do it that is your freedom again because that’s how amazing we as humans are.

If the publishers loose money because you share it free well tuff shit remember its our choice to do as we please and corporations are second on the list when it comes to life. No constraints must be placed on our freedom FREE FREEDOM.

In fact it is because we can exercise our freedom in this way that in innovation can be great. The freedom to create, share, copy and modify software as well as hardware to better it for ourselves as well as our neighbors. Restricting that is to strangle future innovation and creativity.

Information, freedom of movement, freedom of all aspects must remain free.

A monetary system stays in a monetary system. Under no circumstances must that system be allowed EVER to constrain, restrict our right to exercise what we want to do.

Don’t rip people off, so to the idiots with adverts all over there torrent site, it might be a wise choice to find a different way to fund your site. There are thousands of options just make sure that you don’t gain any financial profits that can be associated with work produced by someone else who will of course not be receiving any of the proceeds.

Closed source, DRM, codec encryption etc are stupid and a clear attack on our freedom no matter how you look at it. Corporations or any business of any kind must find alternative ways to protect there stuff. For instance don’t use a digital medium, sorry for the harsh reality but we are allowed to cut, copy and paste, rawrite data, manipulate machine code through our computers, govern our own traffic as we wish, communicate with whatever server, share any data that we want. If you don’t want us to share it or do any of these things then do NOT release it on this medium that allows it to be manipulated in this manor.


DRM is a new technology so i shall briefly explain what it is: DRM stands for Digital Rights Management something that actually enforces the rights in the opposite direction. It enforces corporations investments NOT the rights and freedoms of the user. If they want to release a piece of hardware like this then they should give it away free. If we have to buy it then it is immoral that this technology be included. Restricting our rights to do as we wish with the product we have rightly purchased and own.

More to come on this subject regarding DRM and constraints to our freedom, aspects on bypassing this type of technology. If it was free then by all means but if we buy it then we should be legally free to do as we wish including bypassing, turning it off, removing it and so on.

Even if it was supplied free, in the UK you would be stuck and forced(you agreed to accept it as free) to use it for 6 months like this at which point you would then be allowed to remove the DRM.

Why? because in the UK if you have an item in your possession for over 6 months it officially becomes your property as if you had purchased it. At that point you can do what you want with it, it belongs to you. Possession is 9/10th’s of the law, simple.


Are you still a little confused, then sit back and watch the lecture bellow given to a school in India. Something of a great importance as our children are being drugged(brainwashed) in our schools today. It is imperative that we understand this concept if you want our children to be free.

To conclude:

No one should stop you from doing anything at all in the case of freedom. For those thinking violence, murder and so on well it is only moral that we intervene here and stop that but in the harmless sense of cut, copy and paste of computer data i think it fair one should be free to do as you wish.

Free to do as you wish i say in a free manor, a non financial gain. I don’t think anyone should make any money out of someone else’s work, this has little or nothing to do with sharing data. It is the choice of the individual to break tho law by making profits he/she does not deserve restrictions wont stop them. To tar or inflict penalties and stop all people from cut, copy, pasting data due to the few that rip off the original author is a bad and highly inhumane action.

Thanks for reading..

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