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Recently on facebook someone posted about Karma. Interesting subject and one that is rather contradictory at times not to mention open to opinion one which i think i had in the comments to my friend who posted the status on karma.

It was asked on there status:

who is the person that deals with karma ? who says, what wrong deserves what punishment ??

For which i replied, note this is my opinion based as a response i thought i would blog for your food for thought.



lol there is no individual that deals with it. Karma is a flow of energy, positive energy is of high potential and negative energy coverts positive potential energy to kinetic energy. Karma is the flow of energy of our life energy. As with everything we have positive potential energy that is passed on to negatives effectively converting that stationary positive potential to kinetics these are the positive negatives in karma. Energy that comes back, the negatives that have been charged negatively (the bad kind) are another matter.

When there is a lack of positive energy then negative energy only but exists in turn this kinetic negative energy that started as a positive energy gets shared to other negative energy causing bad karma and so on. Don’t share your negative energy charge it with positives and the flow of calm karma can exist at an equilibrium. Potential energy on one side equal to negative energy on the other. this way you can balance your karma and charge only the negative energy to perform positive tasks, hence + + = – the is the flow required(kinetic energy) to equal two positives. Anyway enough of all that, fact is a positive energy will attract positive energy as other peoples positive energy can only flow kinetically requiring the negative conversion. That’s the trick(why you ask) it is to convert that negative energy back into positive and then share to bring back more energy that can be converted back into positive energy.

Without the positive energy you just share that negative kinetic energy amongst the negatives, the worst kind. Hence Karma

Negatives attract Because they make there own positive, the negative positive. This negative energy can be converted back into positive energy at any point in time by any willing living thing. As with psychology when dealing with negative thought, if this negative energy is converted to positive energy then eventually the negative will be gone.

It is known as the negative tree in psychology, you starve the negative tree by starving it of negatives. You effectively take back the negative energy and willingly convert them to positive energy to be used positively. the negative tree Will eventually die off as it has no negative energy to feed on.

Thanks for reading hope this provided some food for thought and maybe even helped you out. Karma has a way of coming back because negatives can not survive without a positive. It needs your energy but you can choose to let it have it or not. Be positive and convert the negative to positive.


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