GNU GPL Freedom Vblog

GNU GPL Freedom Vblog


Just a quick blog for you all regarding GNU GPL.

Seems like many have lost their way or even become a little confused as to the real reason for GNU GPL Free software.
I keep seeing people making videos on youtube regarding free software, GNU Linux and so on. The all famous statement “developers need to eat” Well that is great and is very true while extreme capitalism exists. Just remember you are nothing but a TOOL.

I want to share with you exactly what are the facts and reasons for the GPL the facts and some of my opinions.

Freedom, that is the short and simple answer. It is about nothing more and nothing less.

Computers can be programmed to do any task, run your home, manage your power usage, turn on your coffee machine in the morning, check email and educate yourself, just what you are doing right now by watching this video.


Longer answer:


GNU and GPL primary goal is to preserve 4 fundamentals in the digital software world. There are lots of complications and deep details into the reality of achieving this but basically it is this.

  • the freedom to use the software for any purpose,
  • the freedom to change the software to suit your needs,
  • the freedom to share the software with your friends and neighbours, and
  • the freedom to share the changes you make.

What this really means is you have freedom to do what you want on a computer, the freedom to mod change and tinker with any aspect of your computer to either invent, create or customise anything you want that computer to do such as start your coffee maker in the morning automatically or by email.
You need to have the full right to be able to share the program with any mods made and so on irrespective with friends or the world so everyone can enjoy it and further invent, innovate and progress it further. Not sure how far you can create a coffee machine timer but you get picture.

It’s Simple really! “FREEDOM”

Furthermore it is only just and right that if you enjoy the freedom of software and hardware that you do not under any circumstances restrict any other from the same freedoms. Hence pass on the same freedom you enjoyed on to others.
This is why no matter what it is imperative that when you share anything or do anything outside of confidential and private life that you pass on the same freedoms. This is exactly why it is FREE and must NEVER EVER no matter what ever be closed off so that the person who obtains the program is unable to change the code as he sees fit.

Again its all put simply in one word “FREEDOM”

The idea that M$ has made as in Business Model well this is exactly what it is Money orientated model that does not in any way respect FREEDOM in any way at all. If you think M$ Windows respects your freedom then you may need to rethink and search the terms brainwashing.

M$ created an industry one that respects only the pockets of developers that can not invent only program. Putting money in the pockets of non creative “non authors” unable to invent and progress. This is why Windows has never had any inventions at all, M$ package a product of existing inventions.
Think about it, they never invented the GUI( Graphical User Interface) They never invented TCP/Internet protocol, They never invented the Graphics card or 3D rendering, they never invented USB. Can you see how they really are just a company piggybacking profits that are really belonging to others. Same goes for Aple MAC

I digress, the idea that developers need to eat as you can see is actually a fallacy its not supposed to exist, it is a perversion to fuel a broken system.
A mechanic does not put a padlock on a customers car bonnet to stop him/her from fixing his/her own car that would clearly be a violation of their freedom so why they do it on your computer. Is it because your computer is an OK product to padlock shut with high tech locking mechanisms.
No one gives a shit about your money or your business model if it affects freedom. Any business model that respects the freedom of others of all walks of life regardless of status or country or even skin colour is to be respected in return.
Just remember every time you pay M$ or Apple(they are not any different) then you are actually paying for your rights and freedoms to be removed. Snap out of your brainwashed state please for the sake of humanity.
So regarding GNU GPL V1 V2 V3 and other Freedom respecting software licenses its all about freedom and has nothing to do with FREE BEER in this case Money for Software. You need to think of new business models to make money.
The current proprietary software model is hindering and stagnating creative minds to develop new innovations, inventions, even new business models. Creativity on a Windows system is stagnating in fact it has already stagnated.
GNU/Linux is proven that it works, Compiz-Fusion 3D desktop, OpenGL, OpenCL, CUDA further developments, KDE desktop innovations and much more. GNU Free software is moving faster and at a much more quality rate than anything else.

My opinions of business models.

I don’t think it is a bad thing to re-invent the wheel. How else will we make better and faster transportation.
When you build a car, you make it so parts can be changed, upgraded and so on. This is true for many other products. A Personal Computer has the same ability some would say in the sense you can open the case and swap out PCIe cards etc. Although this is true and so it should be the same should be applied to software.
The idea that you can just install and install software programs you say, this is the same as swapping PCIe cards. Well I got a shock for you, “Brainwashed” computers don’t work like that, Microsoft works like that.

Oh I do hope that just got you thinking, Let me elaborate please.
If we took your car engine apart, we look at the ports, the cylinder head, valve seats, valve spring tensions etc lots of areas of the engine. We can skim the head, port the intake and out-take ports/manifold. Change the valves, seats and springs depending on how we want to modify the engine.
This is just on the engine we have further areas of a car or bike such as suspension, chaise etc. Yea you can buy replacement hop up parts and so on but you have the freedom to manufacture and or modify existing ones as you see fit.
Software is no different. It is a product that you can either go to a manufacturer like IBM, HP etc and have made for you(Programmed for you) or you can take the stock program and mod it, change it re-invent it change it in anyway you see fit then share it with your changes as you see fit just like you can with anything else in the physical world.
Who the hell does Microsoft and Apple MAC think they are to stop you from doing just that. Unlawful control over you’re freedom. I do hope by now you can see this?

This is why GNU/Linux exists and why its main method as in primary method of distribution is in source code. You read the source, you learn what the program will do how it does it and you compile and run it once you are happy with it but you have the freedom to do as you wish.
Microsoft as of Windows 7 implicated handcuffs with in the Operating System. By handcuffs we mean restrictions that handcuff you doing what you want.
One of these is probably one of the most draconian and disgusting acts any company could ever do, that is charge you (whatever cost it is) for the Windows product then lock it down to that computer hardware.
This means the software can not be used on anything else other than that computer. What? Yes what it means is if you change your main-board or the computer breaks and you buy another computer you can NOT take that valid Windows product and install it on your new computer. It effectively lives and dies with the machine it is activated on. This is exactly the words of the Microsoft sales team that I spoke to just after the launch date of Windows 7
So is it illegal to use a OS that you paid for on your own computer, answer no it is not so why would Microsoft make it so that they dictate to you what you can and cant do. In my opinion that in it self is unlawful not to mention the fact code is proprietary locked off.
Business models in a free software world

This is probably one of the most debated and controversial discussions regarding GNU/Linux free software.

Lets just remove the Microsoft business model for the moment so the slate is clean, fresh and allows our minds to begin to think of new creative images.

Think about a world of computing where everything is open and freedom respecting, you buy a machine and have the ability to do anything you wish right out the box, all source code, compiler and drivers working perfectly and seamless. You can tap straight into the graphical capability how ever technical, you have the full source code and rights available.
You never know as you may just create one of the worlds best innovations with it, you could then choose to share that mod/innovation with the world so others could use it.
Now that would be some good bragging rights not to mention contributing to the world of creative innovations. No one is to say that the manufacturer of your laptop could offer you money to allow it to become part of that companies portfolio or even offer you a full time/part time job creating more. See how now the creative mind is allowed to flourish rather than what we could call a tool of a mind building crap.

NOTE: GNU/Linux software has proven this model works this way so it can be seen as fact not opinion. The numbers prove it in reality, just saying.

There is plenty of room for Microsoft though. Not with their current product packages but for their talents to help build software in a free open world of digital computing. I cant even understand why Microsoft have not done this already. One thing in the computing world is you must adapt very quickly to the times as they are a changing. Microsoft seem to just stick to their guns tooth and nail and I am certain they are loosing allot of money by doing it. Not very clever really, I guess they had their day, had the moments that put them where they are. That in mind they can loose that just as quick at the same time and this shows with actions Microsoft is taking to hang on for dear life with buying up patents and so on.

We know that companies like HP, IBM, Acer, Asus even Dell are likely to be around for a long long time.
We will always want a new computer system, laptop, tablet, notebook and so on so lets look at these devices. We all use them at present mainly for Web surfing, Word processing, learning, computer games, communication with friends and strangers alike and tinkering.
There are more people in the world than you think that like to tinker and play(Hackers) No not criminals they are something else and Hacker does not mean criminal. After all a criminal is a criminal that is why we call them a criminal we don’t call them hackers because criminals are mealy just CRIMINALS, lets just get that strait.
Hacking is playful cleverness, it harms no one and it is good fun much like any hobby is.

So we have companies lets take HP for example, they make a laptop product to enable you to do all the above. Lets say they adopt a full creative(note creative) software development team to invent new things for their specific product.
Same as every other manufacturer they also develop software to act behave and work how that manufacturer wants their product to serve their customers. Sound familiar, Android market maybe. Yea see how now this GNU/Linux freedom respecting software can actually work in a whole new way. Copyright and the infamous intellectual property whatever it is being used to refer to is now not being used to enforce the public but it is between corporations and does not affect the customers.
If a customer uses a HP but likes the User Interface creation from lets say Dell then after the user has purchased a product from HP he could well install the UI from Dell exercising his/her freedom.
You probably thinking well that means Dell wont get paid for their hard work well no they wont, why? Because their hardware is crap clearly and the user had to buy a HP to use the software of Dell, that is freedom and Dell should take that feedback as a valuable point, act accordingly and improve again ever more pushing for further creativity. Just think how many people though would not attempt this and just buy a Dell to get the UI, effectively settling with the fact the hardware is not quite as good as HP’s etc. This is just hypothetically speaking of course.
What defines the difference between the product at present between manufacturers? Pretty much nothing but the actual hardware. They are so lazy they cant develop or have developed their own software that there really is no actual difference within the machine.
Is not providing a FREEDOM respecting machine not a super high selling point, I think it is.
On a final note: Manufacturers of devices, if they have to use windows rather than develop their own software clearly it indicates that they are cheapskateing around actually developing a unique product for their customers. Its not a good look, just building a machine slapping windows on it regardless and pushing it out to the customer. Responsible company? I think not, lazy and ignorant to the users rights and freedoms.


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