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Freedom Free software Vs Proprietary business


I thought i would make a blog post about Free software that would be Free as in freedom to do as you wish. The current understanding of this on the net and around the world is a bit sketchy. Many people think there is unemployment attached to free software and or releasing source code of a application.

Points i want to cover in this post:

  • Business with open and closed source
  • Differences between open source and free software
  • Closed source software
  • Microsoft Business model (closed source software)
  • Freedom
  • Human Rights(not man made rights)
  • Sheepeople

The video bellow is a long video of a lecture speech that Richard Stallman gave in India. Mainly for the education and progression to the schools and children studying in India.

It point in the video is that as an education authority not just in India but worldwide is that education must enforce the principles of freedom, NOT to be locked down to a proprietary software. Children MUST be educated to be able to choose whatever route they wish to choose in life. No one must restrict or stop you in any way. Richard goes on at the end of the video to explain how Microsoft and Autodesk AutoCAD give Gratis copies to the schools as to manipulate the children to become proficient in a proprietary commercial expensive piece of software. Effectively making the children dependent on there proprietary closed source software. Much like a addictive drug. I hope my readers can be open minded enough to understand the severe dangers to our children and freedom today.

Open and Closed source

I think it would be a good place to start at the difference’s between open and closed source. For many this is something they don’t understand. Open source is a program that has the source code available with the program so you can do as you wish with the program. Closed source is distribution of the application or program without the source code, in some cases encrypted so that it is impossible to reverse engineer the software.

Differences between open source and FREE software

The difference between open source and free software is purely a financial one. See open source allows someone to release the code with or without the source code. It means that someone who has developed for the project and submitted there code into the collective could have there work used by another person who may then add additional features and distribute it as closed source binary, maybe even selling it. This violates one fundamental factor of your freedom. The program might be super powerful but now ties your hands and you are unable to change or modify any of the code. Of course original open source contributors must be credited for there original input.

Its a time bomb waiting to be locked away and freedom removed at any point. It goes without saying that at any point when the software progresses to closed source development of the prior open source code tends to stop. I say tends to stop as when open office decided to shut its code off the open source developers took there code and made the Libfreeoffice.

Free software on the other hand can never be distributed without the source code, NEVER if you have a program under the GNU license that does not have the source with it you can ask the distributor for the code. They must without fail release the source code ALL of it that runs the binary counterpart. It of course must be complete and descriptive so you can clearly see what the software is doing. If you compiled the source code you were given and it runs exactly as the binary counterpart then they have honored the license. If not there in violation.

As you can see the differences between the two are very important to freedom. FREE is not a monetary or corporate value it is a human right allowing you security, safety to be always allowed the right to see what the program is doing, the right to change it as you wish, the right to improve it for yourself(weather you choose to share it or not). If you choose to share it then it is only fair that you follow the same guidelines of the GNU that you received it in. The original developer wanted you to have your freedom so you should share it with the same freedom. That freedom does not in anyway constrain you or should we say force you to have to share your code it just means if you do share it include your source, its like saying thank you to the original developer.

Closed source software

The most evil of them all, the devils work as one would put it. If your religious then you should be seeing closed source as the pits of hell. Read on to learn why…

Closed source software removes all aspects of freedom completely. It sticks you on a highway in a car limited to 30mph. You cant go faster, you cant overtake anyone, you cant turn off the road, you cant even predict what the car will do next can you imagine this. No control at all, the car is totally driven by the developer of the software. The real deal begins when it starts asking you for credits. “you have traveled 10 miles please top-up to continue” now what makes it even worst is, you actually bought the car. Yes its your car you own it including the petrol in the tank, paid your road tax, had its MOT done and paid your insurance.

Car is the the computer, petrol is the electricity, road tax is the right to use the software, MOT is the safety test so it does not electrocute you, insurance is the service updates to keep the operating system(i.e. windows) running. Currently Microsoft give you 3 years insurance in this hypothetical example.

Sounds great don’t it. But what about allowing you to drive the car, maybe even lift the hood/bonnet and fix the car yourself, talk to the driver and change course. Well you can fix it under the hood that’s opening up your computer sorting out the hardware, that said Intel are making efforts to limit you on doing that too. You don’t stand a chance on driving the car that’s in Microsoft control you just enter credits and it takes you to your entertainment venue(computer game) or to the theater(a movie).

You get the picture hopefully you can see how closed source software guides you to the product requiring more credits on a preset per-programed route. For a corporation its awesome because you the passenger(consumer) will have to constantly part with your hard earn’t cash to get what you want.

There is the Free way which means you can just walk to the movies and watch it. Why should you have to be forced to take the route in the car you have bought. Surely you should be able to buy the car get behind the wheel yourself and drive it to the movies. Well with FREE Software you can because you have the source code and always will have that code to be able to change whatever route you choose. You are the driver again, you are in control thats your human right.

The Microsoft business model.

This is the most interesting of all. The devil himself brings us his evil clouded by visions of a heavenly surface. All that glitters is not gold and certainly not when its Microsoft the one and only company that can be said has taken over the computing world, not so pretty as you would think either.

All seems great with Microsoft at the forefront of the computer desktop, most importantly above all its funny how it runs everything. You the consumer pays for it all and i do mean all. You see developers get it for free(what wait your a developer and you still pay for it) yes free but not as in the fact you don’t have to pay anything.

When i say a developer gets it for free what i mean is that you build and are able to run your app on a windows operating system for free, you can sell it at present making millions all profits are yours and non of your profits go to Microsoft for the application that runs on windows. This is what i mean by free. you don’t have to pay a license cost as the end users get the bill not only for the operating system but also the developers bill. If that was not enough it is closed source.

Facebook have the same model, provide a website that allows developers a free development platform that the developer gets to keep every penny of his profits. only difference with facebook is that the users remain users and not consumers because they become the product. Yes facebook users are the product, information collective, advertisement portal to allow individually specific advertisement. YOUR THE PRODUCT!

So you pay for this expensive Microsoft product, you don’t have the drivers seat, you cant change it, personalize it, or do anything that you should be able to do under the factors of true freedom. Changing desktop colours is not personalizing it, that’s just the smoke screen. Maybe you don’t want a start bar. Have you ever tried to remove it, have you ever tried to just use the basic features of the kernel and strip all the rest of the junk out. If you have then well done you either realize that you cant or your an awesome hacker like me that actually succeeded in reverse engineering many elements of the software as to remove it without breaking the functionality of the kernel. You jump out and say you scum that’s illegal then you my dear tard head are a retard. FREEDOM remember. If i actually had paid for this junk or got it included with a new machine i have purchased it I should and will be able to do as i wish to it even if that in tales throwing it in the bin or shredding it through the shredder/secure wipe.

What gives any mortal man the right to tell you what you should do, guide you without the possibility of you being in full control. You are the master of your own destiny, doing as you wish(provided you cause no harm to other people of course). What makes Microsoft, maybe you or any mortal man/woman have the right to dictate change or do anything that forces you to have to be or do anything the way they tell you to? Answer is NO ONE(my middle finger degree helps here).


This is probably the most important area of this whole blog post. Yes freedom in our computer world today. Remember freedom is NOT a business model and any business or corporation must never ever have the power or right to affect, impede on or destroy any of our freedom in anyway. It is the governments role to make sure that legislation is passed to protect the public from any person gaining control or affecting the public in anyway. Business must never ever gain control of the public’s freedom or there right to master there own destiny.

Closed source proves that people do not have the freedom to choose there own destiny. The software dictates and governs the way they must use it, weather they are allowed to access a website or not, weather there allowed to change the behavior of the software or not, what programs can and cant run etc. Recently Microsoft put in a bid to Intel to restrict the main board and hardware to only accept Microsoft software to run without the option to disable the function. That means to run GNU/Linux you would have to obtain a certificate which wont work for GNU/Linux because it gets modified so often Intel would never keep up. What gives Microsoft the right to order anyone around and say you should only allow Windows to run on your hardware, that’s pure Evil. The devil and his true colours.

Human Right(not man made)

Many people think that human rights is something of a law or legislation, no its not. It is simply the fact that we are human, we were born into this world all equal all the same and on the same level no matter of what class, financial background etc. The world belongs to no mortal man, mother nature owns her self we are just mortal insects allowed to graze on its surface like all other living things. Human rights are your birth, the freedom only your imagination can limit. You can do anything completely anything. If you wanted to drop a huge stink fart in the middle of a theatrical performance right at the point of silence then you have the right to do so. No mortal being what so ever can or should stop you. Of course you may be frowned upon and seen a sick smelly disgusting individual maybe even scum but it is your freedom to do so. Furthermore you have the right to choose weather you shall shit in the toilet or shit in the street again of course doing it in the street would require you to clean it up, if you did not someone else would have to so you deserve to pay a fine as to pay the person who did clean it up.

The moral of the above is ironic really because it is moral to respect others, don’t drop a stinky fart as described above, have respect. Don’t shit in the street leaving it for someone else to clean up its immoral and disgusting. The fact is this is not something anyone needs to be taught or tell you, you naturally know what is right and wrong, you feel what is right and wrong, there is no written law telling you what is wrong. Some people think that torturing another person or animal is moral. We all know that there slightly twisted people, wired wrongly, or is this just an opinion, who gave me the right to judge these twisted people and call them twisted? No one so lets leave it an opinion and i am sticking to it. They are twisted people who can be so nasty and cruel.

Moral of the story is that no mortal person(s) can ever dictate to you your human rights, your freedom to break the law, abide by the law even, have sex, have kids, hurt another person etc. You can choose any direction, those that conform to restricting these human rights for profit or personal gain are just as bad as the persons committing harm to others(Is that another judgment on my part naaa its an opinion). What feels right? Is it those that profit or gain from restricting you or those that freely contribute, help there neighbor and feel good that they put happiness in another persons heart?

Respect is a big thing and to be a respected business is a rare thing today in the computer industry. Who is more respectful between Intel and AMD? is Nvidia or ATI more Respectful than each other or even against Intel or AMD?

Respect and morals go hand in hand in many cases.


This usually makes allot of people laugh. Why? Because they actually don’t understand it. They think well maybe everyone else is, i am not one but they are. Remember the facebook point mentioned above under the Microsoft model well guess what if you have a facebook profile and you actively(by actively i mean frequently) use this site then your a sheeple. Remember your the product being used for sale just like a sheep being fed for wool or Lamb. You really need to get this concept through your skull to stop being one and stand up out the crowed and become free of the pre-programed car forcing you to part with your cash and life’s energy. Yes it drains the life out of you, runs you downs trying to achieve a goal that only feeds them and not your own benefit.

Developers reading this thinking well that’s why your making closed source software to feed your self, your family. Well i have news for you, things will change and are changing. License costs to be able to run your software on that platform cutting into your profits, It wont be free forever. That said the more you use the closed source platform the more humanity becomes embedded into closed source. Before you know it there will be nothing but closed source and dictatorship software, your children will suffer. It is clear to see, by which time there will be nothing and i do mean nothing you can do about it. Your children will suffer due to your actions that were based on greed, the small few bucks you made, pitiful amount of cash they paid you to survive and get you to contribute to their model not your model, their model.

Concentrate on your life not money or in most cases earning it to spend it or pay taxes. Help your fellow neighbor so he can help you back be the person that builds a great future for your family so they can enjoy a future free from pre-programmed dictated software and bullshit corporations telling you what you should buy.
I have a new theory on advertisement.

You see we buy our computers and i of course run GNU/Linux which is mostly Free software and of course i pay my electricity bill. Now the fact is that the adverts on the net require the use of my electricity to power my computer at which point the advert is steeling my energy.

I did not allow them or give them permission to show that add on my screen at anytime. They are in violation of what is rightly mine, committing theft of my energy to push an unwanted UN-agreed add onto my screen so i feel we the owners of this processing power/energy must collect active add data and rightly morally send these companies an invoice for the percentage of the energy costs it took to show that add. WATCH OUT GOOGLE!

After all these adds are not helping out your neighbor or you they are just blatting you with unwanted junk making your life misery, causing you unnecessary aggravation and or hassle, a chargeable loss worldwide.


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