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Interesting chatter i had with a woman on eVow


Sorry its been a while since my last blog post. Not much has been happening in the area for me to blogg in fact with running other sites and dealing with areas of my work we all must prioritize of course.

That said i have a profile on a dating site called eVow which rarely gets any attention in fact it is fair to say i get 0 that’s Zero attention until recently. I had one person contact me which seemed like a really nice woman. Again it is not may nature to judge so we chatted for a few days on the sites messaging feature.

Today something interesting happened maybe a turn for the worst i guess i don’t know. Something i think deserves a blog post.

Just before the weekend i sent a message and i got no reply something many men are used to i am sure so i sent a message to her saying:

  • You gone silent on me. You ok hun

very shortly after i got a reply much to my surprise as we all know when a woman goes silent they generally have run away lol. I got a response that said:

  • If a woman goes silent on you I guess they were left with nothing to say. I’m fine and still roaming the planet with my curly locks.

Sound great so far so i replied:

  • Hey i like your curly locks and your eyes, smile and attitude hehe.Nothing to say mmmmm well how about i ask would you like my number?Would you be interested in meeting up in person sometime?

Much to my dismay the following response i found shocking take a read for yourself:


  • How to handle this one hmmmmmm. I do not want your number and I hate guys who try and throw their number at me after an exchange of what I consider to be a few messages. I usually stop speaking to them. I do things differently. I am quiet funny about people who I give my number to outside of the cyber world so there is no way at this point you would be getting my number nor I yours. I’m starting to think you are like all the other no brainers on here now and here was I thinking you were an ok dude. Yes I am pointing my finger at you like you are a naughty child!!! More to the point, do you usually meet women after an exchange of a few cyber paper messages?! If the answer is yes and in a northern accent “do one”!!!

Holly bonanza what did i do to deserve that, oh yea i asked if she wanted my number and what she thought about meeting up lol. It is a dating site after all….

Furthermore being a person who will not be walked on or be insulted in such a manor for just trying to be nice and questioning a meet up as to maybe go out to dinner sometime or something of that nature. Yes of course i responded, in a pleasant manor of course:

  • Charming, to answer the most important question in your message NO. I do not meet women after a few messages in fact ill let you into a secret i dont get a few messages. If i could send you a snapshot of my inbox on here it would show your the only person i been talking to lol. Yea as sad as it sounds your the only woman who ever responded.Excuse me for my ignorance but i have no idea how your supposed to do all this online dating. Being as your the first woman that has held a conversation with me i have no idea how to further the conversation, i don’t want to bore you with bikes, electronics, physics, psychology, Internet technology, computers and so on so i thought i wonder if we could exchange numbers and we could go to dinner.I was raised to be a gentlemen and nothing less so i have only ever dated after taking a woman to dinner, personally i don’t know of any other way as i have never met a woman in any other way. In fact it turns me off going out drinking meeting a woman for a one night stand and to me feels wrong so i have never done it and never will. Call me sad if you will but frankly my dear i don’t give a damn that is me like it or lump it.From your incredibly arrogant last message i took deep insult not that it has angered me because i am better than that and wont let it. I would consider it to be childish on your part sorry and i hate to have to say that. Your a grown woman and i am sure you can write better than that to someone who has never at any time ever insulted you or been in any way condescending to you. I have shown you nothing less than respect and still doing so in this message yet you send me a message that can only be considered degrading and insulting. Thanks.

    Like every other guy you say! does every other guy give you the time of day as in depth as i am in this message.

    I am considering your request to “do one” on the grounds of my own dignity and personal respect for myself, you are very unfair.

    Peace love and hugs hun sorry if offering you my number was insulting to you, oh well i see rejection allot so ill let you be.
    Thank you for at least the short pleasant exchange of messages.

Now taking the whole course of events mentioned above what does that tell me, well lots of other guys spew out there numbers constantly to women across the net not just on this site. Its crazy because it shows that women are too quick to judge and cut contact with someone just because they want to take the chat to a new level at which point ask the woman out to dinner(to get to know them better not sex before you say it).

I said and did nothing out of place to deserve being degraded in that manor or even insinuated as that type.

The question still ponders though.

  • How does one ask a woman out to dinner in the 21st century without getting abuse thrown at them?

So that’s all for this blogg post hope there is something in this you find interesting, maybe even learned something. The truth of the matter is that most of us have no idea how to actually find the woman or man of our dreams but we search with open arms. The problem is that there are many that do not wish for the woman or man of there dreams to hang around longer than 24 hours. They will lie cheat and use tactics that entice a person into there grasp for one night only. This leaves quite a scaring on the other party especially if they expected longer due to there deceit and lies.

Thanks for reading.

Kind Regards



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