21st Century Love decent men/woman don’t seem to exist

Recently on facebook one of my friends made a status update asking all she wanted for Christmas.

Here is what her status read…


  • The only thing I want for Christmas is a decent boyfriend… I don’t ask for much really, do I? Except decent men don’t seem to exist in the 21st Century… Not such a revelation, eh?

This made for a great topic and i felt compelled to respond yet in many cases it could be said the following reply would and could have fell on deaf ears.

Here is my reply:

Everyone’s perception of a decent man or woman is different. If we were all the same life would be one boring place.

All i can say on this is that you must open your eyes, that decent man may not be what you percept as a decent man. The non-decent men you speak of are very good liars and in all fairness you will not see through there outer face, they will cheat you and fool you into thinking there decent only to find the truth later on down the line.

That said you can find many decent men but will you be compatible well there is another thing… No one should change for anyone else but only compromise reasonably. We are again all individuals. Never try and change anyone let love grow naturally, give it a chance with a decent man.

This is turning into an essay yet its a deep subject so ill stop here. Just look behind you there are more decent men than not. Never find this man in a night club there is only one reason men cultivate these establishments and you can guess why.

Remember a top quality romantic dinner date means something, an invite for a drink means get your knickers off. Simple really. Hugs X

Now interestingly concidering her age being in the early 20’s one could argue it could be immaturity or maybe just the lack of knowledge, if so then it could well be connected to the education system and or upbringing.

The point being here is that many women reject a man asking a woman out to a romantic dinner date in today’s day where they are more inclined to accept that bar/night club night out drink. It does not take a genius to work out that the majority of men would be taking a girl out for drinking in these places for one thing and one thing only, or at least that’s what there intention is at the start anyway.

Spending some time to really understand a persons real intentions by there initial actions is something that is becoming lost in the 21’st century. I do not mean judge on this just being able to have the capabilities to question motives in all situations.

The final question that leaves us to ponder on is:

  • Why when asking a woman to a quality romantic dinner date in today’s day make the woman turn her nose up, disinterested and not willing to participate in the date?

Reply to Nick Clegg regarding Phone hacking

Hi Nick

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to respond to this scandal. Yes I
do consider it a scandal and way out of order.

I have been a specialist in the field of electronics security hacking
and computers of all kinds for many years now. There is not much I don’t
know or can not do.

For years the system has been the same, only those such as the BBC or
Mr Murdoch’s corporate capitalism have secured. The public network is
wide open in fact so far so that not only can corporations do this but
any 5 year old who can use a screwdriver.

There is a law and that states prison penalties for interfering with a
public network weather it wireless or land line. A common trick in the
hacking times was to make sure all components used were BABT certified
this allows connection of any circuit you make to be allowed onto the
network phone or whatever. This BABT certificate insures no
interference so it just made hacking legal lol.
Saying that then comes the data protection act which is a point of
unlawfully gaining information digitally or analogue that does not
belong to you. I know this fully states digital data but as for
specifically analogue voice calls well that’s something else.

I really do think the Data Protection Act for peoples privacy who ever
they are is updated. A service provider such as BT or even Virgin
media, NTL, Diamond Cable and the likes must be held responsible for
these insecurities of there users or customers privacy. Penalties must
be high and not imposed on those particularly who commit the crime.
More punishment must be placed on the providers, why? because if this
is so the providers such as BT and so on would have to invest in
security measures to protect the public not pass it on to the person
committing the crime. Cure the problem not the symptom.

If you are told securing this is not possible then you need to reject
that claim. I have been in this industry for years and if only a few
steps and investment (penny’s in all respect) was taken the problem
would be solved. This applies for digital as well as analogue in fact
in today digital networks it is so simple to secure its a joke. its
cost is man hours in days maybe weeks not months. Yes I am talking
about a random encryption key form. This allows each call to generate a
LARGE random key that is unique to that call and that call alone only
those that made the call can hear each other its used wide spread in
email and VOIP which virtually all networks use now.

The above works well for land lines or corded systems, the next area to
overcome is wireless. WIMAX is the biggest pitfall this was hacked in 3
weeks since O2 and Vodafone implemented the system its a joke really
is. They pulled of a wide open cellular to WIMAX an unencrypted
Ethernet network that suffers from 20 year old hackings of which are
impossible at present to secure. Unless the above encryption method is
to be wide spread as a must in the system.

I can not stress enough that the companies delivering these services
must Must be held accountable for this so that they will do something
about it otherwise they will implore NMP(Not my problem) attitude well
know in business. Yes people may also have to purchase new telephone
equipment that meets a new standard to encrypt the line right from the
handset, a new BABT certification would it be. one that actually
focusses on security rather than interference to there unsecured

The system could be staggered as to allow the user to use secure call
handsets in comparison to insecure. The network must make sure its
encrypted once the signal hits there systems. This means the only way
to intervene the call would be to pin the wire.
Pin the wire is a technique known as sticking a pin in the cable to
make contact with the conductor allowing you to listen to the traffic
passing over it unencrypted data and audio.

If you got this far I have to say well done and thank you for reading,
there is one more serious issue. Somewhat an issue you will be very
familiar with.

The internet traffic filtering, as you jump back saying “here we go” a
crucial problem faced by encrypted networks is you cant filter it. You
don’t have any idea what is passing between sources as its encrypted
unless you have the master key. Random keys may become a problem unless
they pull it up know the pass phrase and are able to decrypt the data.
Who can be trusted to do this the network companies or would you make
it legal to brute force (crack) the pass key. who makes the pass key
the customer, well they best be able to means the user takes
responsibility for there privacy in a user friendly way so that the
corporations can meet there security responsibility.

Either way virgin media don’t like me encrypting my emails they
sometimes never reach there destination lol. That’s a clear indication
of conflicting interests there.

Simply you need to cure the problem not the symptoms This account just
proves there is a huge problem with peoples privacy. Could it be that
he is manipulating you to take action so that he can take more control
by making things more controlled in the media industry. Maybe just
maybe. Careful consideration needs to be taken on how media the key
word here ‘media’ is and must be kept free from capitalisation and god
forbid monopolised. We should be able to share our media how we
want and free from constraint something that is a growing problem right
now and Mr Murdoch I am sure has something of an influence. They must
not have the right or power to influence peoples choices as to what
music or programs they wish to watch or listen to.

Social Engineering must be made illegal or disallowed. A good point
from the presence of the EU were part of would be to make sure right
across Europe that manipulation and social engineering is to be made
illegal with high punishments in media or person to person.

Thanks for reading this sorry it was long but I have allot of views in
this field many of which are from experience. If you have any further
questions at all please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you again.

Kind Regards

Post reply to conservative party freedom bill

Its a great bill the issues raised with DNA database removal for innocent people and so on but it does hinder the real issues. We don’t want the Euro, we don’t want to be European 75%++ of British people just like me don’t want to be Euro. We …Dont want 20% VAT nor do we want GM Foods due to the EU forcing us to increase our productivity to a stupendous rate. I really feel strong we should fight to keep our local community. Freedom bill you say, What about this Tesco capitalization which is destroying our local communities, running out our local butcher and grocers. Importing dangerous non authoritative food products that are killing our British farming that we fought for years to make sure was the best quality and it is. There are farms with empty pig pens and there saying we need GM foods to sustain this phantom supply.

Your insane, If Tesco and other supermarkets take over we will be forced into whatever food supply they wish to give us. Never let anyone control a populations food supply. There is allot of issues here and this idea to tax us for kg of our rubbish is even more insane I can hardly afford to buy food. This 20% vat is not bothering supermarkets its fuelling them but its hitting our local community shops hard it really is not a clever move so its clear the bill we pay daily to criminal Brussels needs to stop its killing the UK. Annihilation is the word and yes its that strong so lets look at this freedom bill now with that in mind and, oh great were still screwed then.See more

GM in Europe

• Only two GM crops can be legally grown in the EU: a GM maize strain (MON 810) was authorised for commercial cultivation in 1998 and a GM starch potato known as Amflora was authorised for cultivation and industrial processing in March 2010.

• More than 20 other requests for authorisation of GMO cultivation, or for their renewal, are ongoing.

• Austria, Hungary, France, Germany, Greece and Luxembourg have prohibited the cultivation of the GM maize MON 810 in their territories.

• In addition, Austria, Luxembourg and Hungary have notified the European Commission of their decision to prohibit the cultivation of the Amflora potato. Poland has legislation in place forbidding the marketing of all GM seeds.

• Spanish farmers grow around 80,000ha (198,000 acres) of GM maize.

To most the above may not seem alarming but in the UK and to the population of the UK it should be.

Over the past few years Tesco has increasingly grown as a UK supermarket and is the global number 1 yet my concerns have turned to serious problems. In a general shoping day i decided to read contents of the food which in the UK ingrediants are law and must be placed on the packaging. Much to my horror i was reading sausages with ingredients that should never belong in chocolate not alone sausages. The further i looked the worst it became.

As i am sure you can tell i stopped shopping at tesco and decided to look into sainsburys doors. Luckily sainsburys products seemed more normal with sausages containing 98% pork bread crumbs preservatives such as sodium metabisulfate a harmless steralisation agent and NO yes NO E numbers.

On recent times weight gain and healt problems in general has increased in the UK and on further inspection it would seem GM foods are not completely banned. Of course second grade pet foods are used in fast food outlets like McDonalds and so on as we know. In fact i dont even think that food is suitable for pets not alone humans.

Much to my suprise aswell maize strain has been used for quite a while yet what concerns me the most is GM potatos. GMfoods are experimental and have very very little known facts apart from one they are harmful yes they are they cause problems with diet, increase cancer risks, modification of DNA possibly even death. It has proven before that death can occur from these types of GM foods.

Hopefully by now you should be as I am concerned as to legalising GM potatos. please reserch into this further. Education is the key to your survival against this. If you know about it you wont buy it and there will be no need to make it.

Go natural stay healthy and most of all be happy.

understanding Linux is simple very simple

lol understanding Linux is simple very simple Linux comes from Linus, acronym of his name Linus Torvalds, simple.

“GNU = GNU is Not Unix”. Its a play on words that is very common in the opensource community e.g. PHP = PHP Hypertext Preprocessor.


It is a very very powerful kernel, Ubuntu, debian, slackware etc are all packages on the Linux kernel with package managers providing install methods and all have different ways. i personally believe in the slax/gentoo way that is compile from source.
Package managers are nothing more than a way to distribute, Ubuntu is a debian distribution method that’s it. Linux is the platform eg. the kernel. that’s Linux nothing more yes this powerful kernel can run Xorg, kde, gnome and all these apps scripts languages and most of all the kernel comes with a built in gcc compiler. What is Linux? Well Nixie its a powerful kernel. if you refer to ubuntu as your distro then its called ubuntu Linux it builds on the same kernel every single Linux platform is built on, all that is different is packages are pre-compiled as a “deb” compressed format called a package manager.

Most old school Linux people like me install  downloading the source to your home folder and doing ./configure && make then make install similarly to building the kernel.
The slang a few years ago was ‘compiling it yourself was a small price to pay for free software and the most powerful operating system in the world’.
The fact Ubuntu precompiled and distributes Linux in this way is and as i can see is a god blessing for those who are starting out not knowing how to program, compile or even what a compiler is lol. not many people understand the concept of the compile options either.

Briefly, windows runs on a 386 enhanced model that means 386 not 486 or Pentium it means 386. ubuntu is on a 686 arch when you compile your own you can use sse 1 2 3 4 686, nocona, em64, amd64, ia32 and more depending on hardware of course. Ubuntu precompiled have problems here. Some people the 686 enhanced will not run well on there system hence you need to recompile your binarys to use it better.

In windows you would have to suffer no matter how hard you tried windows would still keep you stuck on using a 386 enhanced OS, only recently (16 years after the release of the Pentium processor) has Microsoft decided to compile windows with extra enhancements Vista = 486 OMG 486 of all progression of there software to 20 years since 486 machines have been used. I agree with many on this a level of backward compatibility is needed for he who has an older Pentium system windows needs to be able to run on that system as well. Windows is not open source as we know so it can only come out in one or two precompiled binary forms 32bit and 64 bit.

Freedom of the Linux kernel yup you guessed it Linux allows you to take the source code and compile it to your native hardware utilising every single core, thread, memory address, everything. In the most stable rock solid foundations ever because you compiled it native to your system. Thats why Linux is so stable. For those about to shout wait up i had this crash that crash etc. hey there software bugs or you may have tried to compile a 64bit on a 32bit or just not set compile options correctly to run it. In the case of Ubuntu it is pre-compiled to the average hardware spec meaning this could be at fault. There is also the area of faulty hardware, memory is a fatal cause of these kind of errors and certain kernel options required, if the kernel is compiled with bad options then the kernel can not access your hardware correctly causing faults like these.

A tip for new linux users check your Logs. If you use gnome you can navigate to Applications -> system tools -> Log file viewer.

Another tip to see all your logs as a user is navigate to:  System -> Preferences -> main menu and find the entry of the Log file viewer, once you have found it then place gksu in front of the command so it should look like this without the punctuation “gksu gnome-system-log”

Now it asks for your password and after this displays all system log files including the dbus if you have installed it. If you have not got Dbus i would advise you to go install it as all your error output when something goes wrong is int there. this allows you to trace a fault if ever you get one.

Look at the bright side at least with Linux you can fix it unlike windows you have to report it and wait for windows to send out a fix if they ever do that is.

So what is Linux The name game as you say its Linux = a Kernel, the distribution is exactly as its name its a method of distributing Linux packages making life that little bit easier in the Linux world and as Chris Perillo Will Linux ever be popular got so so wrong by suggesting war between packages, there is no war between vendors or open source projects there maybe a competition in some cases which is very healthy but no war. To answer this i ask you this, do you want to do anything everything whatever you want when you want in the way that you want to do it? If yes then Linux is for you. Its an operating system allowing fair trade of skills to be passed from one experienced programmer to another and then passed to a user who can report bugs back to the programmers to fix making the whole OS the most powerful OS ever made and you pay for it by just using it and contributing to that effort, its a form of trading without money. yet at the same time allows everyone the freedom to do what they want in the way they want.


ATI Linux and windows response

Recently i responded to another BUG in Ati linux drivers. This raised some thought i am having about buying a new computer. Bellow is my response to the ATI bugzilla unofficial website.
Yea i tried the beta 8.57 drivers, this version seems to load very unstable mind with crashes etc. From what i can gather X server 1.7.x has changed the DPMSEnabledswitch to DPMSEnable not sure the reason for doing this but hey.

I moved onto the KMS Raadeon for now and it seems to run much better. Oddly fglrx module remained in my kernel modules and without me having it configured in the xorg.conf it became loaded. Not sure what happened there. must say it would be nice to see the fglrx driver working with the kms driver as the kms provides native resolution via edid for my monitors. still trying to figure out if i can set tty1 and tty2 to my individual monitors using the kms driver. that would be awesome.

I am also in a dilema of weather to buy ATI again or Nvidia. ATI seem to be really pushing down the route of windows dx etc which leaves me to believe there not focusing on linux users. Being a gentoo user i do require compile times to be reduced. Especially when i can fix problems my self in code(i gave up messing with ATI drivers long time ago on my firegl) I spent more time fixing the ATI drivers for my firegl than i did working on fixing and developing other stuff so i am a bit battered to say the least by ATI.

This renders a big question in which AMD or Intel processors/hardware is better suited for linux system over the next 10 years. AMD clearly dont give a crap about windows much as they just add more cores, seing as windows has limits to the amount of cores you can have to it windows OS it dont seem to bother AMD yet intel take account of this so who is doing what which is the best way to go.


So what is the thought on this. Its fair to say windows is a dominating operating system in todays modern computing but the beuty years ago of hanging on to a PC for dear life(which did happen) was because we had the choice of what we could program and run on the system. It was not a computer you purchased from a shop which was pre-programed with an OS you just used etc. It allowed you to choose, gave you flexability in what you wanted to do with it etc.

If every manufacture from nvidia intel AMD and so on become 100% revolved around producing a windows system then the PC market looses that freedom and its sure as hell something i dont want to see.

Linux for me has always been an education, being as i am a person who loves to learn, study, research etc linux fits the bill perfectly. Most people like to sit relax and enjoy watching the television, some like to sit watching Youtube videos, some like to sit on social networking sites all night and day well hey thats your choice for me i like to tinker learn play with things to learn program design develop things the way i want it. This is not a financial gain for me its about personal gain. I get a level of satisfaction from completing a project seing it work and enjoying what i have built makes my entertainment.

So where and what hardware is made for people like me?

What is the hardware companies leading on to because if they leave the linux market open then its a great business opertunity for others to rival and prosper. ALthough this sounds good one problem exists, Intel or AMD would most likely not allow this and have some sort of say on the matter or maybe even release a product at silly cheap prices for a few months to destroy the company.

If the above occurs i think it would give retired hackers a purpose again to hack lol.

Concerns with Intel processors

It has been 10 years since i purchased an Intel processor and my system has seen better days.

So i am shopping around designing, developing a new system for my self. It would seem Intel have dragged there ass a bit since 2001 seeing as the Nahalem is a break through arch released 8 years after the Pentium 4 arch.


To me it seems not much has happened from Intel during this time. AMD had developed Hyper-transport well before Intel moving to QPI( quick path interconnect) I still have so many questions unanswered as to why Intel took so long in moving the traditional FSB which clearly has given AMD a running start.

Could it be that Intel wanted to give AMD a running start? is it possible that Intel needed to resolve royalty rights with AMD over this new interconnect? I don’t know, one thing i do know is that over the past 15-20 years we have seen Intel and AMD supposedly head to head but that said. AMD incorporated MMX technology and Intel using aspects of 3Dnow technology. I have a suspicion that Intel and AMD have a collaboration in sharing architecture even though there in competition.

What do i think of Nahalem, well there is a thing. In comparison to price and power and ‘Does it do it for me’ I am not very impressed.


The Nahalem arch seems a great processor but for the price there asking to scratch the surface of what i want it to do versus price well it scratches the surface for a ‘it will definitely do it’ price and there is no guarantee from Intel it will.  I have gone with the jargon many years ago with Intel’s first Hyperthreading Xeon Pentium 4 class processors but on arrival of these processors they did not perform anywhere near close to Intel’s word.


You guessed it, that kind of leaves me not able to trust what Intel says. Baring in mind it has taken them over 5 years to come out with a processor that works on today’s market as good as the Pentium 4 did. It must be said that the performance of the Nahalem arch is a wow, I just thought i would put that in there.

What concerns me is that the DP Xeon which is set and built for the development workstation/server market and a core i7 950 seems to par to its performance. Of course a DP system is a different to a desktop core i7 but in overall comparison the performance boost is not double the compute power needed for a workstation. So why is its price triple that of a desktop system. As i mentioned above performance to price is way off.

In 2006 Sun Microsystems developed the very first 8 core 256 thread processor which was later re-programed to 64 threads all of which were individually assignable threads by the developer. This still runs in as a 4 socket system making 8×4=32 physical cores and 64×4= 256 individual threads. A big argument here is the power this system uses well it runs on a 1.6kw or 1600w power supply unit which is a very common wattage used in a normal gamers desktop unit. with a single processor and graphics card.

Intel are still to release a 8 core processor and even looking at there road-map each core only has 2 threads which can NOT be assigned by the user/developer. It should be said here that late 2006 start 2007 Intel and Sun Microsoystems started a collaboration on server products due to the Ultrasparc processor.

Further more concerns in this area is that Sun Microsystems managed to squeeze 8 cores 256 threads, two PCIe gen2 interfaces two 10gbe’s all on a 95nm die. Intel told us the Nahalem arch would be scaled to 8 cores yet they are scaling the first 6 cores onto a 32nm die, of course not including the 6 cores used on the 7400 MP processors. Due to be released soon is a Xeon MP Nahalem 8 core processor which clearly indicates to us Intel could have made an 8 core Nahalem 3 years ago, but did not.

Proof that Intel lies to its customers misleading them to buy an older model for latest prices. so 8 core Nahalem on 45nm should mean at least an 8 core Westemere on 32nm.

A few years ago the difference of the Xeon enterprise and workstation Xeon was MP for enterprise and DP for workstation or mid server. Put simply if an 8 core MP processor was available then a 8 core DP processor was available allowing Workstation users to develop on the same arch that they new would be portable to the MP systems.

I don’t know maybe i am reading into it too much. one things for certain, Intel’s marketing for there processors is ripping the consumer off with lies and overpriced markups.

A question for the road.

Would you pay thousands on a product knowing that for the same price you could have double the quantity?

Note: All trade names used above are rights of there prospective owners.