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I am an individual fascinated with life and science.

Ever since i was old enough to pick up a tool i started to build things.

The very first time i walked as a baby was when my older sister was using a hammer to knock some panel nails into a toy box she and my farther was building for all my toys. Intrigued and excited i was getting a new wood made toy box made by my dad and sister i went on one, yes i stamped my feet screaming for me to have a go with the hammer. Of course NO was the answer i got but that did not end there. What came next was me getting up from my seat stomping over to my sister grabbing the hammer out of her hand walking back sitting down only to find i forgot the nails. As i pondered what to do now my father had called my mum and were both standing there in amazement at the first time i walked. My sister on the other-hand had started to cry now as she lost her hammer.

That was the start of a long winding road for me, after this i developed a taste to understand the wonders of how things worked but until i was 8 years old i never understood it until i built my first push pull circuit to drive a flashing LED Christmas tree. These were very famous and common during the 80’s.

My Mum finally after nagging her for months bought me a electronic project kit from Argos This kit consisted of an RF coil, a crystal diode, 4 values of resistors, variable capacitor, a LED, a single transistor, a battery box which took 2 AA type battery’s and a bunch of short medium and long wires, the kit had little springs to stuff in the wires for connecting up your circuit.  Cool huh! Well the novelty worn of quick as i wanted to conquer IC’s.

Computers fascinated me greatly maybe all the components on PCB boards look cool i dont know but either way i was introduced to the 555 chips the 74 series chips 7 segment led displays and i have Maplin to thank for that. That was my toy shop from 9 years old!

By 11 years old i was venturing into building Radio Controlled cars, boats and plains. My first ever real working electronic box as one would put it was my electronic speed controller built with relays, it worked not reliably but it worked. It eventually blew my acoms receiver as at the time i had no idea about using diodes as safety devices oops.

The first computer we ever had was for the household shared for me my sister mum dad etc. It was a PC-Commodore PC-5 which cost a fortune. All my friends at school and the likes all had Amstrad’s, Atari’s, Sinclare etc and i never had any of them if i wanted a electronic device weather it be an FM Radio, RC Car or whatever i had to build it. I only got 50 pence pocket money a week so i had to make it stretch lucky for me Mardave made this possible for me with tires at 30 pence each or a pack of 4 for 1 British pound so i could afford it. Maplin on the other hand was beyond a joke in price, they were way to expensive i could hardly afford a 74 series chip not alone a reel of wire but i saved up for weeks sometimes months.

Anyway as for the computer which came about due to my Mum graduating on her 7th degree at oxford, she was given the opportunity to buy one of these computers second hand so My mum and my father came head to head and made this possible. The system had no hard disk a 720k floppy 3 1/2 and a 5 1/4 floppy, monochrome monitor, a keyboard that look like it had been taken of a tank either way i was very great-full. This machine had a copy of MS-DOS ver 2.x rocket fast OS very different to Microsoft software today i must say, yet it worked. As i am sure you guessed it yea i then went on to building computers designing silly computer control boards spending hours on hours with a soldering iron building these thing. They never really did anything useful but they did flash lights control servos dial BBS servers etc.

Here is well where i lost my way a bit and dissapeared into hacking, i found my way again soon enough all be it redeveloped (giggles).

Today I have graduated in electronics worked at some of the bigest names in the industry from the BBC to Seimans and back again.

I am now Self Employed running my own electronics company with a business partner of mine, I’d like to say it an upward struggle yet as soon as its up it comes strait back down again including the financial time here in the UK.

Things don’t come to you you have to make them.

Thats a little about me i hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as i did writing it, remembering things of the past.

Welcome to my blog.

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