eBay returns scandal.

Just when you thought it could not get any worst.


For the past few years sellers of the eBay website have been under attack from all kinds of people including eBay themselves.

Just simply scanning across the web can reveal serious problems for sellers. That said the sellers in particular are not large companies or shops on eBay that are having the issue but it is the small independent person who is just selling his old stuff to convert into cash. I am sure for those that remember time of eBay starting up that eBay actually made it’s name because it allowed for a sort of on-line car-boot sale as such.

So what is going on with the eBay seller attacks from certain persons?

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Council TAX! Got to the bottom of it

Finally got to the bottom of the council tax scandals.

Over the past few years i have battled my local council tooth and nail to figure out how and why they do what they do.

First lets see what they actually do.

Not only my local council are guilty of this but many are across the entire of the UK. The problem is managing those that fail to pay their council tax but do they really fail to pay the tax or could their be more to it?

If you guessed that their was more to it then you are correct. Most people especially in the current economic climate are struggling to pay bills not alone council tax. It is therefore inevitable that they may fall behind with payments to be made. Continue reading